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Why this blog?

Alcatel Alsthom, heir to Compagnie Générale d’Électricité (CGE), which was founded in 1898, no longer exists.  This French industrial group grew and became a global leader in telecommunications, cables, and electromechanical engineering.  

I participated in Alcatel Alsthrom’s growth for 22 years.  From 1986 to 1995, the period during which the group undertook a radical transformation and went global, I was Chairman and CEO of the group.  This exhilarating adventure came to a brutal end on March 10, 1995.   An investigating judge, Jean-Marie d'Huy, made a decision, based on reasons that were found to be false 12 years later, and overnight, I was forbidden to work for the group.

I told the story of Alcatel Alsthom’s takeoff in a book that came out in 2002, "Alcatel Alsthom: shot down in midflight", (L’envol saboté d’Alcatel Alsthom, Editions France-Empire), and I described how the group was put to death in another book that came out in 2009, "With Complete Impunity: The scandalous destruction of Alcatel Alsthom" (Société des Ecrivains).  This execution of a group that was to France what General Electric is to the USA, or what Siemens is to Germany, by the unjust decision of one man and for reasons subsequently found false, seemed incomprehensible to anyone who was close to Alcatel Alsthom.

The goal of this blog is to let them know everything about this drama so that they can make their own judgment about this judicial disaster, which in no way honors French institutions.

Why did Jean-Marie d’Huy allow this extravagant procedure, founded on a basis that from the beginning appeared so weak, to go on and on and which, 12 years later, would be judged to be without foundation? Why was he so tenacious in trying to ruin my professional life, as well as the lives of executives at Alcatel CIT, and indirectly destroy Alcatel Alsthom?
These  questions remain unanswered.

In this disaster, my successor, Serge Tchuruk, responsability cannot be eluded. During the twelve years of his presidence, the company lost 24 billions €, an average loss of 2 billions € every year, or a daily loss of 5 millions €. It shows, at least, that when he arrived, and contrary to his public statements of 1995, the company was in a very good shape and its balance sheet strong enough to support these huge continuous losses.
Yes it’s indeed, with complete impunity, that this drama originated and went off.


1. On Friday 27 January 2012, 09:30 by Mary W.

Subject: Presumed guilty until proven innocent

Dear Mr Suard:

In my MBA teaching on global legal environment on business, I had often cited your case as an indignant example of the French civil law system, and question the heavy-handed treatment and horrendous exclusion from Alcatel as being "presumed guilty until proven innocent". I am truly happy you got vindicated at the end. However, the agony and damage could never be repaired by a simple "oops, the system messed up!"
However, I hope that, strong as you were and are, you have find a way to surpass and transcend all that, because at the end of the day, it is our core and inner values that matter. I still remember your China visit.

I wish to send you my best wishes,

Mary W.

Dear Mary,

I appreciate the accuracy of your analysis and, to some extend, I regret the bad, but true, image of French civil law system and the bad publicity for France.
Many thanks for your testimony

Pierre Suard

2. On Friday 27 January 2012, 10:46 by A. B. B.

Dear Mr Suard,

You probably don't remember my name: I was PR Director in Alcatel Italy ....
I'm extremely happy in understanding that the accusations at your charge have been demonstrated false.
I always suspected that your dream was deliberately "brocken" for reasons and by power groups to me unknown.
I still keep a grate memory of you and of your leadership.


Dear Sir,

I thank you for your message.
I have highly appreciated  to work with Alcatel Italy and I keep a nice memory of our friendly relationship.
Best regards,

Pierre Suard

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