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Letter from the Chairman of CGE dated December 12, 1983
My response to the December 12, 1983
Letter Concerning Salvation
Note to the Chairman of CGE concerning LTT (November 1983)
CGE-ITT Agreement – December 1986
Address of Pierre Suard presented to the Académie des Sciences of Lyon on December 22, 1987
(Dissertation – Académie des Sciences, Belles-lettres et Arts de Lyon pour l’année 1987)
Letter from Chancellor Kohl dated November 27, 1990 in Reaction to the October 3, 1990
Letter Addressed to Alcatel’s German Employees on the Occasion of the Reunification of Germany
Open letter from the Shareholder Employees of Alcatel Alsthom to the Minister of Justice and the Response of the Minister of Justice

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